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Pennsylvania District 5 Officers

2014 Pennsylvania 5th District Officers

2018 ~ 2019

Right Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania


S. Eugene Herritt

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

District Officers






District Deputy Grand Master   Craig W. Shaffer, PM    

Past District Deputy Grand Masters

Past District Deputy Grand Master   Russell W. Baker, PDDGM  
Past District Deputy Grand Master   Harry E. Hackman, Jr., PDDGM  
 Past District Deputy Grand Master   Gary L. Dukeman, PDDGM     

Grand Lodge Appointments

Grand Tyler   Edward J. Stumm, PM    
Director of Ritualistic Work   Larry A. Buzzard, PM  
Principal, District School of Instruction   David M. Tatum, PM  
 Assistant Principals, District School of Instruction  

Robert G. Harley PM 

John K. March PM

Theodore H. Wallace PM


District Chairman

District Youth Chairman   Harvey A. Willard Jr. PM  
District Masonic Education Chairman   Frank J. Loraine III PM   
District Blood Donor Chairman   Scott J. Helm PM   
District Masonic Mentoring   William R. Tobias PM   

5th District School of Instruction

President   Joseph J. Shawn Jr. WM   
Vice-President   V, Steven Kauffman PM WM   
Treasurer, District School of Instruction   Scott J. Helm PM  
Secretary, District School of Instruction   Theodore H. Wallace PM  

Board of Governors - 5th District School of Instruction

Lodge #156   Jay N. Hastings PM WM  
Lodge #309   Richard A. Klinedinst WM  
Lodge #322   Richard Callahan PM WM  
Lodge #340   Joseph J. Shawn Jr. WM  
Lodge #343   Scott J. HelmPM WM  
Lodge #353   Thomas M. Cave PM WM  
Lodge #383   Darryl N. Barber WM  
Lodge #405  

Steven J. Yarosewick PM WM

Lodge #417  

V. Steven Kauffman  PM WM


Lodge #475   Eric T. Downs WM  
Lodge #545   Warren T. Wallace PM WM  

School Instructors

Principal   David M. Tatum, PM (#340)  
Assistant Principal   Robert G. Harley, PM (#343)   
Assistant Principal   John K. March (#309)  
Assistant Principal   Theodore H. Wallace (#545)  
Senior Instructor   William H. Tennant (#343)  
Senior Instructor   Kevin J. Mathews (#409)  
Senior Instructor   Steven J. Yarosewick (#409)  
 Senior Instructor   Howard J. Bowhall (#353)     
 DDGM   Craig W. Schaffer, DDGM    
PDDGM   Gary L. Dukeman, DDGM  
PDDGM   Harry E. Hackman, Jr., PDDGM  
PDDGM   Russell W. Baker, PDDGM  

Lodge Instructors

Lodge #156 Instructor
  Christopher M. Gibson PM   
Lodge #309 Instructor  

John K. March PM


Lodge #322 Instructor  

Herbert A. Musgrove III PM

Thomas R Yarnell PM 

Lodge #340 Instructor   David M. Tatum  PM  
Lodge #343 Instructor  

William H. Tennent PM

Gary C. Davis PM

Lodge #353 Instructor  

Howard J. Bowhall PM

Francis A. Norbeck PM

Lodge #383 Instructor  

George H. Taylor PM


Lodge #405 Instructor  

Steven J. Yarosewick PM


Lodge #417 Instructor
  V. Steven Kauffman PM   
Lodge #475 Instructor   John R Eppinger PM  
Lodge #545 Instructor   Theodore H. Wallace PM  


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